Yakhni Pulao is a Kashmiri formula made utilizing rice, chicken and a ton of Indian flavors that is loaded with substance and flavors. This rice formula is a flavourful choice to fill in as a gathering formula and even family supper. This enticing blend of chicken and rice is best presented with blended veggies raita and individuals of all age gatherings will cherish it. While cooking the formula ensure that you seal the pot with foil or atta mixture appropriately, else the dish will lose its sweet-smelling aroma.


Sheep 1 kg

Onion 2 cut

Ginger Julian 1 tbsp

Dark pepper 20

Cloves 10

Cinnamon 2 inch piece

Dark cardamom 2

Little cardamom 2

Garlic 1 case

Salt 1 tsp stored

Anise seeds 3 tbsp

Coriander entire 4 tbsp

Water 8 cups

Fixings segment II

Oil ¾ cup

Rice 750 gm doused

Dark cardamom 2

Cinnamon 1 inch stick

Cloves 6

Dark pepper 6

Ginger garlic 1 tbsp stored

Bean stew powder 1 tsp

Green bean stew granulated 1 tsp stacked

Darker onion ¾ cup

Salt 1 ½ tsp

Yogurt 1 cup stored

Formula Of Chicken Yakhni Pulao


In a muslin material tie the coriander and fennel seeds together to make a zest sack.


Warmth ghee in a pot and include that zest pack in it. Include garlic ginger glue and blend it. Presently include onion and cook it for 1 moment. Onion ought to be in light darker shading.


Include entire flavors in it and following couple of moments include lamb and fry it well while blending it.


Presently include tomatoes, green chilies, red stew pieces and salt in it. Add water as per your rice. Cook, it secured for 5-10 minutes or till lamb is delicate. Take the zest sack out and dispose of it.


Presently include depleted rice in it and blend it and cook it till the rice are 3/4 cooked and water is dried. Presently put a cover on it and put it on dum for 10-15 minutes on extremely low fire.


Serve it with plate of mixed greens and raita. It is a full dinner without anyone else’s input.


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