This astonishing Instant Pot Strawberry Jam formula utilizes only four basic fixings (no organic product gelatin required!) and meets up in under 30 minutes. Making custom made jam has never been less difficult or simpler, on account of our site .


1kg/2lb 4oz crisp strawberries, washed, hulled and dried

1 lemon, squeeze as it were

1kg/2lb 4oz jam sugar



Set up the strawberries by cleaning them with a bit of soggy kitchen paper. (Cleaning the strawberries as opposed to washing them guarantees the organic product doesn’t retain bunches of water – an excessive amount of water and the jam won’t set effectively.) To body the natural product, utilize a blade to cut a cone shape into the strawberry and evacuate the stem. Cut any huge berries down the middle.


Put the strawberries in a bowl and tenderly hurl through the sugar. Leave revealed at room temperature for 12 hrs or medium-term. This procedure causes the sugar to break up, guarantees the natural product doesn’t deteriorate excessively and keeps its energetic shading.


Prior to beginning the jam, put 2 saucers in the cooler. Tip the strawberry blend into a protecting dish with the lemon juice. Set over a low warmth and cook tenderly. In the event that any sugar stays on the sides of the dish, plunge a baked good brush in boiling water and brush the sugar away.


At the point when you can never again feel any grains of sugar remaining, turn up the warmth to begin gurgling the jam and carrying it to the bubble. (The sugar must be totally broken up before expanding  .

To test for solidifying

Spot three plates in a cooler… after around 10 minutes of bubbling spot a tsp of the fluid of the jam onto the virus plate. Come back to cooler for a moment. Run your finger through the jam on the plate… on the off chance that it doesn’t attempt to keep running back together (on the off chance that you can make a line through it with your finger) it’s fit to be canned!

Sustenance Facts

Per Serving: 85 calories; 0.1 g fat; 21.9 g sugars; 0.2 g protein; 0 mg cholesterol; < 1 mg sodium. Full nourishment


Bubble hard for 5-10 mins until the jam has arrived at 105C on a saving or advanced thermometer, at that point mood killer the warmth. On the off chance that you don’t have a thermometer, spoon a little jam onto one of the cool saucers. Leave for 30 secs, at that point push with your finger; if the jam wrinkles and doesn’t flood to fill the hole, it is prepared. If not, walk out on and bubble for 2 mins progressively, at that point mood killer the warmth and do the wrinkle test once more. Rehash until prepared.

Utilize a spoon to skim any rubbish that has ascended to the surface and dispose of this. Do this just once toward the end, as opposed to continually during the bubbling stage, to diminish wastage.

Include a handle of spread, in the event that you like, to the completed jam, and mix in to soften. This will break down any outstanding filth that you haven’t figured out how to spoon off the top. Leave the jam to make due with 15 mins – this will guarantee that the natural product remains suspended in the blend and doesn’t all buoy to the highest point of the jam container. In the mean time, disinfect your containers.

Scoop into warm containers, filling to simply beneath the edge. Spot a wax plate over the jam (this forestalls buildup framing), at that point spread with a top or a cellophane circle and flexible band. Fly on a name (incorporate the date), in addition to a pretty texture top, on the off chance that you like. The jam can be saved as long as 1 year in a cool, dry spot. Refrigerate in the wake of opening.


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